Mod - Modificateur de Statistiques

Ce mod change différentes statistiques et bloques l'utilisations illimité des objets.

Created to satisfy a lack of New Game Plus features: monsters' stats multiplier, unlock Max LVL/HP Cap, limit Max Consumables Carried, set an EXP multiplier

[Cheat Engine TABLE]

You need to use cheat engine in order to use that table

Steam Build ID used for tests : 2608454 

Now compatible with Debug Mode - Codex version (Build 1138403)

Works on NG and NG+

This tool is offered to players to satisfy a lack of New Game Plus features with some basics hard mode aspects included


- Multiply monsters' stats globally or customize them as you want
- Decrease the max number of consumables carried
- Unlock max LVL cap to 999 and max HP to 99999
- Multiply the amount of EXP received when resting


Stats you can modify:

- Max HP
- Physical Power
- Magical Power
- Physical Resistance
- Magical Resistance

The mod comes with 2 modes:

- Basic NG+ : you enter only one global multiplier, and all the monsters' stats are going to be multiplied by this value
- Custom NG+ : you can set a multiplier for any monsters' stats and tweak them as wanted

The multiplier can be a decimal value
1.5 is a good value for a NG+1, if using Basic NG+ I would advise you to not go too high


- Level cap is raised to 999 when activated


- HP cap is raised to the value you set (99999 by default) when activated


- Max number of all consumables carried is set to the value wanted (15 by default)
- Max number of all types of potions is set to the value wanted (99 by default)

Set the same value for both if you want to limit all consumables

If you already have a save with consumables having a higher value than the limit you set, they will be reset if you use/sell one of those consumables


- You can now set an EXP multiplier At Rest

Activating this EXP multiplier with another table using an EXP multiplier too could not be compatible and prevent your other table from being activated
Use the EXP multiplier from the other table in that case


You need to have cheat engine to use that table

With the game open at the titles screen and cheat engine open:

- In the top left, click Select a process to open (Icon with a magnifier on a computer)
  Process list Opened, click on the Application corresponding to the game

- In the top left, click Open a cheat table or an unprotected cetrainer and open the table corresponding to this mod

- In the bottom part, you can now browse the table clicking checkmark boxes and activate all mods

- Click on a mod with the mention (activate) to load it in the game

- Edit values by double clicking while hovering the value you want to modify, or by clicking on the line with the value you want to modify, and pressing Enter
  Values are automatically set and used when you activate the mod containing them  
  You don't need to click checkmark boxes on a value line to activate or change the value

- Reload a save if you change a stat multiplier while you're playing

- Make a backup save if you want to keep a clean one

Hope some people will have fun with it :)

Supposed to fix issues from the previous version:
- Script was not working against some story bosses
- Script was modifying Noctis' stats
Hopefully it's gonna fix issues for everyone, otherwise I will try something else.

 You can now:
- You can now unlock the level cap to 999 in your mod options after activating a mod
- You can now set an EXP multiplier At Rest for convenience since it's already in CE tables
Thanks to Squall8 for letting me use his EXP multiplier, you can check his amazing cheat engine Table here

[UPDATE V2.2.1 - Alternative]
- Fix the issue with playable characters' stats getting modified by the stat multiplier
Use it on a clean save where you don't have this problem.

You can now:
- Decrease the number of consumables carried
- Unlock max HP cap to 99999

- Gives the possibility to set Max HP Cap value (99999 by default)
- Improves script injections modularity
- Rearranges the table to improve usability

[UPDATE V3.0.1 (Debug Mode) - Alternative]
- This version only support the alternative Debug Mode version of the game (Thanks to janfrodeno for the tests)
Compatible with Codex version

[UPDATE V3.0.2 (Debug Mode) - Alternative]
This version only support the alternative Debug Mode version of the game (Supports Codex)
- Fix a bug where the Monsters' stats multiplier could also modify playable characters' stats